Successful Sales Behaviour

Have you ever wondered why with the same products, same training and same company resources behind them some sales people are much more successful than others?

In 2007, Mathieson Brent Consulting undertook some original qualitative research in conjunction with Beth Rogers, Senior Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth Business School to look specifically into this issue in the area of field sales. The survey, undertaken in Manufacturing and Data/IT sectors resulted in the development of a model of successful sales behaviour which considered the relative importance of Immediate Behaviours, Demonstrating Knowledge, Demonstrating Personal Qualities, Demonstrating Sales Skills and Demonstrating Application to the customers’ business problems. An academic paper was published in the Journal of Selling and Major Account Management, Volume 7, Number 4 (Fall 2007) in the USA.

In August 2009, this work was extended with a quantitative study completed in conjunction with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. The study considered two aspects – what sales professionals considered to be important in successful sales behaviour and how that view changed when the sales professionals took the role of buyers. An interesting gap in perception emerged! The quantitative study, to be published shortly, confirmed the successful sales behaviour model. For more information on how this model of Successful Sales Behaviour could improve the performance of your field sales organisation contact Peter Brent at