Joined up Marketing Sales and Service – JUMS2™

Have you ever contacted a company about a new product or special offer to find that the customer service people appear to know nothing about it? Or received mailing pieces from multiple departments of one company on the same day? Given the complexity of organisations today and the harnessing of technology to distribute functions, both in place and time zones, it’s almost inevitable.

Developing a well thought through Value Proposition is an excellent starting point, but the potential for under performance still exists if implementation is not meticulously aligned throughout the ‘customer journey’. Starting with an analysis of customer touch points, we work with clients to optimise the end-to-end customer experience through a process of ‘Joined up Marketing, Sales and Service’ or ‘JUMS2’. Although joined up activity is important at all times, it is particularly relevant for new product introduction, and the implementation of new pricing strategies, product improvements and special promotional programmes.

Applying JUMS2 we ensure that at points of customer interaction consistent messaging is achieved through an internal understanding of the value proposition and all functions are clear about their specific role in its delivery. In addition to considering the outbound processes, JUMS2 considers the inbound process through various potential feedback loops and aims to ensure that customer intelligence from multiple points of contact reach the internal departments where they can add the most value. It’s partly about systems, partly about process and partly about people, and aligning them all for optimum delivery.

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