Value Proposition Process

By the very nature of Value Proposition development, this process goes to the heart of ‘why your product or service exists’. As such, we must respect client confidentiality in this area. However, to give you some perspectives on how we work with clients please see the brief synopsis below:

  1. If the organisation has never been through this type of process before, we suggest a phased approach of topic workshops, for example customer segmentation, where we assemble the combined knowledge of the team and assess the knowledge gaps. A programme to fill the gaps is agreed and the subsequent workshop begins with a readjustment based on more detailed information before progressing to the next stage. How quickly the process moves depends on a combination of knowledge gap and available internal resources, but it is not unusual for the end to end project to last up to six months.
  1. At the other end of the scale, if a team has already been through this process and/or has a significant amount of internal knowledge available a short two or three day workshop can be sufficient to carry out a Value Proposition ‘health check’ or set up a ‘straw man’ which can be confirmed subsequent to the workshop.