JUMS2 Case Study 1

The client

A global company with a high service and customer experience component in B2B markets

Their challenge

To ensure alignment of customer experience and service delivery through a long sales and service cycle with multiple customer touch points, frequently by units based in different geographical locations. To ensure consistent service delivery, to a minimum standard in all regions.

The solution

In order to set a benchmark against which to monitor customer experience, a global workgroup with representatives from operations, marketing, sales and service was set up. The group identified and mapped all of the customer touch points by function based on a ‘perfect’ end to end customer process. For each touch point, the ideal experience was agreed and the minimum standard that customers should expect were set by the group. This covered a wide range of types of customer interface, including:

• Website response times, particularly where financial transactions had occurred
• Frequency and type of communications
• A broad range of aspects of service delivery

All business units agreed to the standards, which were signed off by the Board. Compliance with the standards was then monitored by a Mystery Shopper Process, either using internal ‘under cover’ resources acting as mystery shoppers, or using external consultants. In addition to giving feedback on achieving the minimum standards, a wide range of additional service improvements were identified. Best practice was shared on a global basis using the company intranet, reported at Board meetings, and communication from the company president maintained impetus on the programme.